If you’d like to know more about my work & my clients, I recommend my demos page: DEMOS or my reviews & testimonials page: REVIEWS Alternately, you can head over to my filmmaking page to find out more about the feature film I produced/wrote/starred in, or watch my first-ever short film: FILMS

But if you’d like to get to know me a bit better personally, here are some fun facts:

  1. I was voted “most intelligent” in high school…so I guess that makes me a mildly popular nerd?

  2. I’m a singer (mezzo-soprano), and I recently had the rare opportunity to compose and sing an original melody for The Devouring Gray, a title I did for Dreamscape & Disney Hyperion. The author told us the song gave her chills (in a good way! ;-)

  3. I really like languages. I speak French and Spanish at an intermediate level, and I have at some point in my life studied at least a little German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, and ASL.

  4. I’m comfortable with a surprising number of technical terms across multiple industries - stock trading, midwifery, radiotherapy, and even rabbinics - due to my husband’s/mother’s/father’s/sister’s work.

  5. YA and New Adult are my favorite genres because I love the way the good ones take complex, rich, deep challenges and emotion and communicate them so straight-forwardly and accessibly, yet so powerfully.

  6. And on a more “here are my qualifications” type note, I studied acting for two years with Jim Jarrett, who is Sanford Meisner’s last teaching protege. I’m a proud member of the APA, SAG-AFTRA, and AEA.