As an actress, Sarah’s mission is to share herself authentically and fully, encouraging and supporting others to do the same. She received the best possible foundation training – her teacher, Jim Jarrett, studied with the great American acting teacher Sanford Meisner for two years, whereupon Meisner asked him to stay on for two more years to learn how to teach his technique. Sarah is a member of acting unions SAG-AFTRA and AEA.

As a film producer, Sarah loves the opportunity to gather a tribe of artists she believes in, and support them in doing their best work. Most recently, Sarah co-wrote, produced, and starred in feature film THREE ROADS, which is currently being submitted to festivals. Her vision is that indie film can be both creatively and financially rewarding. Past producing credits include co-producer on the feature film ROXIE (winner of Best Feature Film – Bushwick Film Festival), and an associate producership on the film FREE SAMPLES (Jesse Eisenberg).

Sarah is also an Audible Approved audiobook narrator with over 50 titles under her belt. Outside of her work, she enjoys weightlifting, journal writing, and, of course, dark chocolate.