My Favorite Quotations, Part One

Dear All, In this series of postings, I share with you my favorite quotations, ones that inspire me as an actress, and as a person, too. My aim is two-fold: to introduce you to the philosophies you can expect to see here on this blog, and to pass these inspirations on to you.

And off we go! Enjoy.

"To be nobody but yourself-in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle that any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. Does this sound dismal? It isn't. It's the most wonderful life on earth." ~ e.e. cummings

To me, this quotation means risking being who I actually am, even when it's not popular or cool. Even when it means I might be rejected. If I'm not willing to be rejected for who I really am, I can't be accepted for my real self, either. I wouldn't be able to make positive changes in the world based on my deepest, truest, kindest passions. Yes, it's challenging; yes, it requires courage. And, it's worth it for what I gain.