Am I an Idealistic Optimist?

Nope. Uh-uh. Not me. Frankly, I'm a grumpy, temperamental lady who always notices what sucks and what could go wrong.

At least, I can be.

Personally, I've been choosing to make a change. A day throws endless amounts of data at me. I get to choose how to interpret that data. Before, I'd interpret it subconsciously, and I'd often interpret the data in a way that, to put it succinctly, went something like, "This blows." So, I was pretty darn unhappy, regularly.

I began to learn how to question the stories I'd tell myself. For example, let's say I'm in acting class, and my work falls short of  where I wanted it to be. I used to interpret this to mean "I suck, I'll never succeed, I'm clearly not talented enough; anyone talented enough to make acting a career would have done this scene better." (And, man, I watch my fellow actors do this. Constantly). Or, I could interpret it to mean that I did my job as an actor today, because I took a big enough risk to fail, which means I get to learn, which means I get to grow.

The more I practice questioning and re-framing my own negative stories, the more positive and happy I'm becoming, naturally.

Don't get me wrong: my goal isn't to be positive and happy all the time. It's to be positive and happy more often. Why not be?

What about you? What keeps you truckin'? Are you happy while you're doing it, or are you beating yourself up as you live out your career? Let me know.