What Did I Do Well, What Didn't I Do As Well, and What Did I Learn?

My passionate and talented acting teacher in San Francisco, Jim Jarrett (http://www.themeisnertechniquestudio.com/), taught my class and me a very important lesson. He told us, after every work session, to ask ourselves, "What did I do well? What didn't I do as well? What did I learn?" These questions were the tenet of self-evaluation he instilled upon us, and I use these questions to this day, not only in my acting work, but in the rest of my life, too.

These questions put my self-criticizing demons to rest. They bring out the wise, dedicated part of me, the part eager to celebrate my successes and learn from my mistakes. They help me keep my work in perspective; it doesn't matter whether I completed an exercise in class, the biggest audition of my life, or a performance in a Broadway play, my work is the same. That work is to ask myself, "what did I do well, what didn't I do as well, and what did I learn."